Thrift and Features, Maximized

Solid yet affordable.

The Octans 236b micro-ATX casing takes the small PC enclosure to new levels of innovation. With features such as hidden HDD racks, enclosed and partitioned PSU, included velcro straps and space for a multitude of fans, this enclosure is on a one way trip to thrifty enthusiasts everywhere.

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Notable Features

> 2x Top-mounted USB 3.0 and Audio ports

> “Hidden” HDD enclosure accessible through the secondary side panel

> Enclosed PSU partition

> Adjustable VGA support bracket

> Included 120mm, red LED fan

> space for 3 additional, 120mm front fans and 2 120mm, top mount fans

> Vented design front and top for consistent cooling



The Octans can support up to a micro-ATX motherboard, a 240mm fan at the front, up to 4 SSDs or 2 HDDs and 2 SSDs, a full size PSU, and CPU cooling towers up to 155mm high. The Octans can also swallow video cards up to 340mm in length. As a point of comparison, the popular and good-sized MSI GTX 980 Twin Frozr is 279mm long.


Undoubtedly, one of the defining factors of the Octans enclosure is its unique design. A red accent line bisects the enclosure into two planes, with smooth plastic making up both sides. The power and reset buttons are integrated into the red accent line and dissapear nicely into the overall theme. Its small stature hides ample space inside that does not seem overly big. Chunky feet serves to give a solid feeling to the design as well as stabilize the enclosure. Nice touches abound – velcro straps threaded through specially-made panels strap down cables, the PSU filter slots cleanly into the bottom panel, and the graphics card support is an exercise in smart design.


For P2900, the Octans is everything plus a couple of welcome extras expected by the majority of enthusiast buyers on a budget. Xigmatek has always been a company focused on the high end, and it is gratifying to see the high end features trickle down to this more affordable model. Ten–Ton Thumbs Up!

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