MSI R7 240: The Basics, Improved

MSI covers all levels of gaming requirement and all levels of a gamer’s budget. This is fortunate, as we can still see excellent products in the lower levels of the price scale. The MSI Radeon R7 240 2GD5 is a 2GB GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0 videocard capable of a modest level of gaming performance, but produces a massive amount of savings for your wallet.


Essentially a Radeon HD 8570, a stock R7 240 runs at 730Mhz base, but MSI has upped its performance to 800Mhz, and provides a further surprise upgrade by equipping GDDR5 modules running at an aggregate 4500Mhz (!).

Drawing idle power of 47W and 130W at full GPU loading, this videocard will still perform well if the user keeps the resolution and detail levels at a sane level. Metro: Last Light is a very demanding game that you’d think wouldn’t runall that well on this card, yet it gives acceptable performance @ 720p, with an average fps of 30-35fps. Low, but still an acceptable result for a budget gamer intent on trying out this A-level title.

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Battlefield 4 is also just barely playable at 1680×1050 and low settings, giving an average of 30 fps. The biggest surprise is its performance in Grid 2. With resolution stepped up to 1920×1080, The R7 240 is still able to maintain fps above 30fps without too much variation.The closest Nvidia model is the GT640, which gives a similar level of performance, but with higher power consumption.


Overall, the MSI Radeon R7 240, thanks to its 2GB of fast GDDR5 and increased base clock, is one of the best value-for-money propositions on the market today.

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