VR Ready Program

As a site concentrating on all things 360, one of the more interesting pieces of news to come out from Nvidia recently is their VR Ready program that brings together hardware and software, partners and manufacturers.
There is already a goodly number of partners on-board, and the requirements couldn’t be easier to understand and can be summarized in one word – “high”. Behold:
VR is truly a transformational technology, but fortunately (for hardware manufacturers) and somewhat unfortunately (for the end users who has to buy the hardware), is based on the current available technology. So for now, high-end PC hardware is a definite requirement for anyone who wants to jump into the VR waters.
The PC hardware industry is certainly ready to meet demand, with multiple partners signing up with alacrity.

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At its simplest, the minimum requirements tie everything and everyone together, making the adoption process for this new technology quick, but not painless cost-wise.
Aim to at least try out VR in events like our recently concluded collaboration with PlayPark, Nvidia and MSI, and see just how game changing this technology is, cost be damned!

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