Your Stuff – in 360 degrees

This site is called 360TechPh. While some of the things we do here are fairly obvious, like coverage using 360 degree panoramic shots and virtual reality tech, there is another type of 360 tech that’s not as common for the average joe and joan- 3D modelling.



Photography in 360 – that’s basically photogrammetry.

For stuff that you want to look at from all angles, there’s no real alternative to having the item on-hand. But in cases where you can’t get hold of the item, or want to see something before you buy, or see more dimensions of an item that’s unavailable from a single photograph, having a 3D model is the way to go.

Eventually, we’ll be diving into the nuts and bolts of 3D modelling – at least one type of it, but for now it’s easiest to show you readers what I mean, using a 3D model created from around 60 photographs.



Disclaimer:3D Photogrammetry is not always an exact technology in that in will give exact dimensions, or look exactly like the original, or even be particularly complete. This is due to the vagaries of lighting, photography techniques, how shiny the model is, and how much detail can be rendered.

Note that the above is a 3D model of a souvenir item based on the cathedral, not the cathedral itself XD.

Featured image courtesy of Photography illustration courtesy of

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