Playstation VR Ready for Primetime Soon

Mark your calendars: October 13, 2016 is the official release date of the Playstation VR – the affordable, more obtainable VR headset due to the massive user base of the PS4. It’s somewhat strange for Sony to position itself in a similar manner as Nintendo of a few years ago, yet all the more understandable when you consider what it’s up against.

The HTC Vive (backed by Valve) and the Oculus Rift (backed by Google and Microsoft) are the current juggernauts of the VR movement; it’s hard to stay in their path and not get crushed by sheer momentum. Not discounting Sony however, with its massive gaming portfolio and experience in bringing hardware to market.

5In its position, Sony is creating an interesting market environment for VR customers – with a listed SRP of $399 (headset only) and $499.99 for the promo bundle which includes 2 “Move” controllers, the Playstation Camera, and the “VR World” launch title, Sony is set to be the mass market champion – not so surprising given its existing gaming market share, established user base, and of course, price. Even with the complete package, the PSVR is half the price of its competitors.

Partial list of the 53 games to be available at launch, according to Complete list at their site here.

VR on the cheap? Time will tell. The PSVR hardware is capable, and the requirement for entry very low, and from early news reports the titles available at launch will be extensive – again, take into account Sony’s experience in this industry. More competition is always better for us consumers, so I say: bring it on! Stay tuned for more details.


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