Oculus Rifts in Brick-&-Mortar

Through RoadtoVR site here. Oculus Rifts are set to start showing up in physical stores in Canada and Europe starting September 20, 2016. While this might be disappointing for customers elsewhere, this is still encouraging news – nothing like real, physical units to entice the first time buyer to invest in a new technology.

And new technology this definitely is – even if we’ve all passed through multiple development kits and with the release of upstart competitors and  imminent release of a (possibly) popular alternative, people still need to be convinced by more than fancy (and 2D) adverts and (2D) videos of the games. Real demo units will accomplish this nicely, and push the whole industry onward and upward, while hopefully driving down price and increasing availability.

P2400263Here’s to hoping units start appearing locally as well; the Philippines, even more so than most countries, still prefer buying from brick and mortar stores due to the relative paucity of credit cards and online stores for specialized products. The HTC Vive has already made a start on this through its MSI partnership, with the Vive appearing in some notable local events like Playpark and the MSI GTX10 Laptop Launch.


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