Sony Announces Playstation 4 Pro

Sony has introduced its new, more powerful PS4 Pro in anticipation of the release of their PSVR virtual reality headset this coming October 13.

While there have been no specifications released yet for the new PS4, we do know it will be bringing to the table a higher-clocked AMD Polaris based GPU and a faster CPU.We also know the price – $100 more than the standard slim PS4 which itself will be released this September 15 for $299.

ps4pro.jpgOther than VR, Sony is also promoting additional next generation technologies like 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and smoother frame rates. Andrew House, Sony Global CEO, also stressed the importance of maintaining a single “PS4 audience”, with no special content exclusive only to the PS4 Pro.


The PS4 Pro will be available this coming November 10 for $399. News originally from the playstation blog.

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