Virtual Reality & Photogrammetry

In one of the best examples of combining these two technologies, is showing off some of the most detailed experiences in VR ever, and they’re doing it through the use of photogrammetry.

If you’ve been following this site for a time, you’ve probably seen some examples of amateur photogrammetry displayed, plus seen the limitations in the technology. Well, Realities isn’t constrained with lack of equipment or funds, and they’ve created (literally) picture-perfect experiences you can immerse yourself fully in through HTC Vive or eventually, Oculus Rift.

realities-piano.pngThe technique they use is broadly similar to how we create our own models; the difference being (probably) the number of cameras, resolution, and time spent on stitching together all of the shots. Imagine a very detailed 2D picture, and imagine having the ability to jump into the picture to examine every little crack, every little detail of a painting, as if you were actually at the place in the picture. Combined with the Vive’s room scaling, you can walk around the scene and stop to examine a point of interest. Realities also combines this capability with a promise to deliver you to a place of interest, anywhere in the world, simply by picking a spot on a globe and jumping right in.


It’s like being a tourist from your living room, and while that may sound cliche’, the amount of detail and the ease of access combines to create what travel brochures and regular old 2D films has been promising for years and as of yet have failed to deliver up to now.

According to Realities, they won’t be creating versions for mobile VR due to lack of power and missing positional capability is Cardboard and similar. This makes sense, as the amount of data and the resulting throughput alone would be hard to handle on a mobile device. “Real” VR available with a VR headset backed by a powerful PC is essential in this case, and you’ll see why immediately once you’ve tried out one of Realities’ virtual experiences.

I imagine Realities use something similar to this for their photogrammetry rig.

With an ambitious but fully justifiable and straightforward slogan “Explore Real Places in Virtual Reality”, Realities is offering users the chance to “travel to awesome places” for free simply by downloading their app from Steam. With the release of this application, we here at 360techph are just really glad of how 360 tech is moving in this direction. We’re looking forward to sharing more experiences from this spectacular app very soon.

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