The Elderly & Vive

Ever seen any of the “Elders React” youtube episodes? It’s a popular channel that features the reactions of senior ladies and gentlemen encountering videos or new technology for the first time. 360techph would like to share this amazing compilation of elders reacting to an HTC Vive. Their comments are priceless!


Youtube video link

The most interesting aspect is how easily the elders adapt to the technology – from the paintbrushes in Tilt Brush to the guns in the Brookhaven Experiment game they tried, there’s a familiarity brought in by the reality shown inside the headset; even if the tech is brand new, what they’re experiencing is familiar enough that they were up and interacting in no time.

Robot Repair


Know anyone who’s skeptical of VR in general? This is a good video to show to them. This has convinced this author of re-purposing a room at home as a dedicated VR experience theater. It will be a good experience for everyone!


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