MSI VR One is the One

I thought the days of wired computing were already drawing to a close. With the release of VR headsets with demanding computing requirements, it turns out the wires just keep multiplying. The amount of bandwidth and processing power required by VR simply can’t be handled by devices small and powerful enough to be integrated into a headset – not that and stay relatively affordable, at least. The MSI VR One backpack computer makes a start on minimizing the number of wires during your VR experience.

Sketch courtesy of Exactly the situation MSI wants to avoid with the VR One.

A 7.9 pound (3.6kg) weight and a much slimmer silhouette compared to the original MSI Backpack introduced in Computex 2016 (roughly just 3 months ago!) makes the VR One eminently portable within the confines of your play area. What this means is there’s no longer a mess of wires threatening to trip you as you wander around your chosen virtual world. The base stations still need to be set up, but at least those won’t have any wires strewn about near you.


Hot-swap batteries for continuous play

Even made lighter, the VR One has been confirmed to be even more powerful, with an overclocked Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 1070. Battery life has also been improved to 1.5 hours, not a lot when you look at it initially, but fortunately MSI has paired this improvement in battery life with a hot-swap feature that enables the user to swap out batteries on-the-fly, with no interruption to the play session except for a quick pause in-game.

Thin, sleek and powerful – a recurring theme in recent MSI hardware.
Immersion factor: increased
Ready connectivity: 4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI,Thunderbolt and mini Display Port.

No release date has been confirmed other than “late this year”, nor price. One thing the MSI VR One confirms is how it’s becoming easier to have an enjoyable, untethered VR experience. VR as a technology needed a special piece of technology to demonstrate its continuing development from enthusiasts tinkering to mainstream acceptance, and the light and portable, powerful MSI VR One is the one.

The VR One looks much better than MSI’s original VR Backpack, in my opinion.

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