Uncorporeal to create 3D VR from Your Photos

uncorporealheaderUncorporeal (http://www.uncorporeal.com/) claims it is able to recreate photos taken by an average user into virtual a 3D space you can “step into”. This photogrammetric exercise is done with less effort and average hardware to make it as accessible to users who haven’t even heard of “photogrammetry” before.

Moving your head while using a position-tracking headset will let you experience this 2D picture in 3D.

This piece of news grabbed my attention as my own experience with this technology was rife with technical difficulty and wasn’t much fun in the “point > shoot = instant Virtual 3D object” sense. In my projects, I typically capture up to 70 photographs, and sometimes reaching a hundred-plus shots. Even then, this doesn’t result in a perfect model – far from it. Uncorporeal terms this capability as “Holographic Photography Technology”, and it cuts down on the number of photos required to just 20 to 30 – certainly more manageable than 70 or 120, plus it’s less demanding on how well you capture the shots, from what Uncorporeal’s online documentation claims.

berlinIf done correctly, this would be truly groundbreaking for archeology, education, and your average vacation photographer trying to share the experience of “being there”. Uncorporeal is aiming to make this whole process fun, from capture to viewing using a position tracking capable headset, or more likely a Google cardboard device and a cellphone for the targeted user for this technology.

Check out Uncorporeal’s demo now up on Steam, and watch their promotional video to get a better grasp on what an average user can expect from this technology.

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