Divine Bell of King Seongdeok the Great

..or at least a replica of it. The above is a photo of a souvenir replica of the actual bell located in Gyeongju, Korea. It is designated as the 29th national treasure of Korea and is a popular tourist attraction as part of the National Museum of Gyeongju.

The real thing is 3.33 meters high and 2.27 meters in diameter, plus an imposing 18.9 tons in weight. Fortunately for us, the replica holds a fair amount of detail, giving us a clear look in the photos what the actual bell looks like. Unfortunately, so much detail made the 3D capture exceptionally unwieldy, tipping past Sketchfab’s 200MB limit for models.

Korea-Gyeongju.National.Museum-07.jpgWhat we can see in the below render is a raw version of the 3D capture, without textures. Regardless, a lot of detail has been preserved and the model is a perfect example of the detail the photogrammetric process captures – both on the model and the background.

Detailed workmanship

성덕대왕신종, 에밀레종 in Korean, it is also known as the Emile bell due to the ancient Silla (an  old korean-peninsula dynasty) term for “mommy” – which in turn lends the colloquial name of “mother bell” to  it.


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