18 game PSVR Bundle soon in US Markets

Remember these?


Now we have the next generation equivalent coming soon, minus 200.


Excitement is building for the imminent Playstation PSVR release, and this latest tidbit will undoubtedly fan the flames even more. A total of 18 games/demos in a single demo disc will be making its way to the hands of buyers of the Playstation VR launch bundle or core unit.

Driveclub VR

Scheduled for an October 13 release, the PSVR is making waves as a cheap(er) alternative to the currently more mainstream Rift and Vive options. These games make it even more attractive to buyers, especially considering the variation and seeming quality of the bundle:

All of the titles has had links added for further exploration. This development is a very welcome one, making VR a very accessible platform for novice VR users and experienced gamers alike. We can’t wait!


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