New Full-body scanner VRC Shun’X Unveiled

(Through Engadget coverage)

Hobbyists, like the writers here at 360techph, have photogrammetry. Professionals who make a living out of creating 3D files from quick scans, have machines like the Shun’X.

Currently displayed at Japan’s CEATEC, Japanese company VRC has demonstrated the machine’s capability to scan a person in only 4 seconds, compared to the more than 10 seconds of the competition. This also utterly shames the photogrammetric process where each picture is taken one by one, with uncertain results depending on how well they’re taken.

Regardless, the Shun’X machine makes use of a total of 8 Nikon DSLRs divided between two moving pillars, with each camera combined with an Asus Xtion Pro Live depth camera to quickly create 3D scans – making this machine as far removed from an amateur setup as possible.

Credit to news site

The 3D scans can be used as resources for game programming or for use in projects using 3d objects. Another possible application might be integration of your own 3D model into a VR application. 3D printing will also benefit; there are already printers created for home use, a fast scanner would be the perfect partner.

No pricing has been released, though suffice to say pricing will be enterprise level since this is a product created for commercial purposes rather than home use. Still, it’s nice to dream of the day when desktop solutions will be available to regular old consumers like us.

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