HTC Introduces the Viveport App Store

There’s currently more than 600 games and applications on Steam for VR and the HTC Vive. HTC has released a new, dedicated VR store to handle apps that might be lost among that huge number of other, more mainstream apps.

According to Vive’s blog: “Viveport will feature content across exciting, new categories for VR–like information, edutainment, social media, 360˚ video, news, sports, health, travel and shopping.”

“..The Vive platform has already brought thousands of developers into the ground-breaking world of virtual reality. With the upcoming Viveport developer initiatives, all creators of VR content will be incentivized to create stunning content thanks to monetization options and new features that will support content creation and distribution, in addition to a focus on customer engagement..”


Currently having around 100 apps, with this move it becomes more obvious how much importance HTC is attaching to VR as a next generation technology, to the extent of creating even more avenues for development of the apps that will be the lifeblood of the VR platform.

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