VR for Social Awareness

It’s not all fun and games with VR, as the immersiveness and the amount of empathy that can be generated with this new technology makes it the perfect medium for social work. None other than the United Nations has their own app that aims to spread awareness of the plight of many marginalized people and those suffering from war. Called simply “UNVR”, it has multiple VR productions ready for users to experience for themselves.

21-UN.jpg“Clouds over Sidra” features a young Syrian girl living in the Zaatari Refuge camp, and has done so for the past 18 months. She is but one of more than 100,000 refugees escaping from the violence of war. “Waves of Grace” shows the viewer the experience of an Ebola survivor in Liberia.

121-liberiaThree other experiences can be accessed: “My Mother’s Wing”, Nepal Earthquake Recovery”, and “Ganges River Project”. All of them reach out to audiences in a way regular 2d screens, or simple text on paper or screen can never do. So the next time you’re looking for a way to experience this technology, you can have a choice of going the fun route or instead go through an experience designed to broaden your horizons to the trouble spots around the world; either way, make sure to share these experiences to help both VR and the UN in their quest for mainstream acceptance.


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