MSI GTX1060 Armor Edition Video Unboxing Now Up!

There’s a lot of different videocard models out there. MSI is undoubtedly one of the bigger contributors to the variety, with their Twin Frozr – based cards in the majority due to their value and popularity. There’s other great options for those in a tighter budget though, and fortunately, MSI is not one to skimp on making the best videocards available to its customers, whatever budget level they might be in.

While we work on our full review of the GTX1060 Armor Edition (6G OCV1), do take a gander at our video unboxing to get a first taste of this mid-range videocard powered Nvidia and enhanced with an innovative cooling solution that is nonetheless still  more affordable than MSI’s better know Twin Frozr solutions.

2In our video, we cover the main features of the card, its specifications, and the features (and looks!) of the cooling solution.

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