Oculus Announces Support for Additional Cameras for Room-Scale

The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift competition was defined early on with the former’s inclusion of room-scale tracking and the latter’s insistence that the feature wasn’t all that important. With this announcement it seems everyone’s on the same page about this feature now.


Oculus announced their support for the feature alongside their announcement for the Touch controller’s upcoming release. In contrast to the HTC Vive’s 2 camera (called lighthouses or base stations) configuration, Oculus has announced a total of 4 supported configurations for their version of room scale tracking:

1 camera – “standard” Rift configuration; used with gamepad
2 cameras, front facing – used with Touch enabled games
2 cameras, opposite corners – 360 degree coverage with Touch
3 cameras – “room-scale”, with Touch

Single camera – included with Rift
Two cameras – 1 unit to be included with Touch controllers
Three cameras – Additional units available for $79
Four cameras – Ditto


Competition in the tech space is good – the consumer almost always wins out in the end. With Oculus’ introduction of this feature, one of the few negatives from this competition between the two brands has been eradicated. With this development, it becomes easier to see a future where there is cross-compatibility for all VR games and experiences, with the capability to move around and interact with the objects you see in your virtual view present whatever premium headset you choose to get (other than the PSVR – although you never know what will change in the next few months).

Sourced from roadtovr.com

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