Preview: Cute & Powerful GTX 1050/1050Ti

Here’s a quick look at Nvidia’s new contenders for the entry level market. The MSI 1050Ti and GTX 1050 are significant not only due to their price to performance and performance per watt parameters, but also due to the fact that they come from MSI, and the brand is always worth a surprise or two. These two doesn’t disappoint.

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The two 1050s, with an older Twin Frozr4 card at the rear for size comparison
The Twin Frozr 5 equipped GTX1050 looks like a photocopied (and reduced) version on higher end models

The first thing I noticed was the higher 1050Ti version having the more basic fan and heatsink combination used by MSI, while the entry GTX1050 sports a minimized version of MSI’s Twin Frozr cooler design. Both are good lookers, but the Twin Frozr version is especially neat (and cute) and seems to be a perfect solution for small form factor systems. These two will cause savvy buyers to consider carefully between more performance or smarter looks – I know I’d have a hard time choosing.

Thanks to PC Gamer for the reference chart. Note the difference in price after a few generations.

Specification wise, the Ti version has 4GB of RAM vs the 1050’s somewhat paltry 2GB, though both use a 128 bit bus width. The Ti has 768 CUDA cores, 6 SMMs, and runs at 1290MHz base clock and 1752MHz RAM speed to the 1050’s 640 cores, 5 SMMs, and higher 1354/1752MHz RAM.Both has a 75 watt TDP and use Nvidia’s new GP107 chip based on Samsung’s 14nm finFET process. The reference design 1050 Ti retails for $140, while the 1050 is an attractive $110. MSI’s versions does not have a price yet. Both are contenders for AMD’s RX460/470 tandem.

The 1050Ti has the smaller PCB
Comparing the heatpipe on the 1050 to the older Twin Frozr4 assembly at the bottom

These units will be viable options for gamers looking for a capable yet affordable videocard. Performance should be enough for smooth gameplay at medium to high settings @ 1080p for most games with some exceptions, although some tweaking will make nearly all games work smoothly enough.

For performance numbers and a more detailed look at these units, please check back soon on this site. Expect availability in local stores very soon!



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