Square Enix Combines VR and Manga

For fans of manga, or japanese original comics, there’s always been a huge variety of genres and topics. Manga as a whole has a huge following, and now with Square Enix’s new VR application “Project Hikari”, it’s set to introduce a whole new way to enjoy all this variety.

From Yu Weng Liu‘s channel

Source: https://www.cool3c.com/article/111413

In the above video, we can see how the traditional features of manga – comic panes, hand-drawn, black and white characters, combines with the freedom of view given by a VR headset – an Oculus Rift HMD in this case. It’s a whole new way to tell a story – not just manga ultimately, but any kind of story that lends itself to visuals and immersion.

While still a demonstrative concept, Project Hikari is a fresh breeze of innovation and potentially a new source of cash flow for embattled animators and artists in Japan and elsewhere. It’s also a dang interesting concept anime fans and tech geeks both can get excited about.

The concept is really best understood with a video, so here’s another one, by roadtovr.com this time.

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