iFixit Shows Exploded View of PSVR

iFixit is the go-to organization for anything tech that can be opened, torn down, or disassembled. The PSVR is the latest device to receive iFixit’s attention, and they show us an interesting glimpse of the PSVR’s accessibility.

The most interesting piece inside the PSVR is the pair of lenses – Sony used smooth, dome type lenses instead of the usual Fresnel lenses that can be found in its competitors. The advantage in this is that strange refractions caused by the Fresnel lenses ridges are avoided; on the downside, these type of lenses are heavier and bulkier – something borne out in the size and weight of the whole PSVR – 610g vs the HTC Vive’s 555g and the Oculus Rift’s 470g.

Simple disassembly
Snap-on and snap-off fittings

iFixit praised the PSVR for its high repairability, pointing out the easy to remove pieces secured with simple fasteners and standard screws instead of a lot of adhesive and proprietary screws.

A 5.7″ OLED screen is used
Dome-type lens

The PSVR was able to garner a repairability score of 8, better than its fellow VR headsets. With Sony’s focus on the console audience, this is certainly good news. For the full teardown performed by iFixit, follow the link to their page here.


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