Virtual Benchmarking

In testing products for review, we employ a number of software solutions, many of which are made by Futuremark, creator of the popular 3DMark benchmark and demo series. Now there’s a version for testing VR-readiness of your hardware too.

It’s called VRMark, and it offers a test called “orange room” that’s designed to indicate your hardware’s ability to give a good VR experience. VRMark also has a more advanced “blue room” designed to test for high performance VR readiness.There’s also an “experience” mode for each of its tests, allowing current owners of VR headsets to test out the benchmarks in real time.

orangeroomAlthough most vendors for PC products already include some sort of testing application that determines whether you can run the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive on their hardware, 3DMark is out to quantify just *how ready* your hardware is. This is important in a number of ways.

BlueRoom.jpgPrimary for me is how smooth the gameplay is, becuase I’m pretty susceptible to motion sickness and nothing sets me off faster than jerky on-screen movement and/or latency. Another good reason to test and quantify your VR hardware is for recording and sharing your results, or bragging rights if you want to call it that. Finally, as more VR games come out, it becomes more important to determine how well you can run new releases before you go and spend money on them – a good understanding of your hardware will facilitate this.

There’s one more, less quantifiable reason – hardware geeks will forever be testing, pushing their hardware, and seeing just how well their hardware performs – this is the perfect way to do it. Thanks Futuremark!

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