HTC Vive Can Soon be Wireless

HTC’s Vive X funding program for innovators has borne fruit, and it’s really juicy. A company called TPCAST has released a $220 accessory for the Vive that will dispense with the requirement of connecting long and unwieldy wires to your PC.

tpcast2Designed to connect to the Vive headset directly, the device is powered by a battery that will last for 90 minutes of gameplay and will not impose any noticeable latency, giving the exact same performance as a wired connection – except now you’re not dragging around 3 meters of cable when you turn your head.


The add-on will be made available on HTC’s Chinese website by 11PM tonight – anyone can order, but supplies will unavoidably be limited. You will have a better chance of snagging one if you can provide a Vive Serial number.

Look ma, no wires!    Source:UploadtoVR.


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