Vive Wireless Accessory Global Availability Soon reports on additional details on the TPCAST wireless accessory surfacing this past week, with rumored global availability topping the list. As reported in a previous post, the device was created under the umbrella of HTC’s “Vive X” accelerator program, and was made available only in the Chinese Vive website for a limited time.

The kit was only available for a very limited time and was out of stock in minutes.

Additional details on the device has also surfaced, including indications that it could be used with other VR headsets. TPCAST states that their device uses 60GHz wireless technology and claims a wireless transmission latency of less than 2ms. A 90hz refresh rate was also listed on their site.

This does not bode well for portable backpack devices that has started appearing in the market, including a recently announced Zotac VR Backpack PC and MSI’s venerable VR One Backpack, now in its second iteration. Perhaps these are still options for buyers who don’t own hardware powerful enough to run VR. The 60GHZ wireless standard is still somewhat rare commercially, but has already appeared in a few applications and has proven advantages in bandwidth, but is susceptible to line-of-sight blockage. Regardless, this technology can only improve from here on, especially with the likes of HTC pushing development.

htc-vive-tpcast-power-box.jpgMore details has also appeared on the battery TPCAST will include in the package, with longer runtime the obvious goal. There’s still a lot of specifications that needs to be unearthed, and echoing roadtovr’s report, I’m looking forward to the release of the device internationally in the first quarter of 2017. I also hope the $220 price will trend down as production increases.

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