Oculus Touch Release Bundle

Looking forward to your Oculus Touch controllers? Or haven’t ordered yours yet? Then better get on that mouse and keyboard, since this launch bundle looks to be one of the best ever.


Originally promised for each pre-order customer was two excellent VR games, namely The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge. But there are 5 actually other titles to be made available for anyone who orders the Touch controllers:

Oculus - First contact.jpgFirst Contact – more a demo slash tutorial, First Contact is an introductory game that familiarizes the first-time user with the Touch controllers, and does so in a “highly immersive playground”.


DeadandBuried.jpgDead and Buried – You can play as either a law-abiding upholder of justice or as an outlaw on the run. Set in a “wild west” background, it’s like CS:GO in VR, but with 10-gallon hats.


Quill.jpgQuill – we can’t help but “draw” (haha) comparisons with the HTC exclusive title Tilt Brush, but quill actually started life as a professional tool and is designed to be more of a narrative program instead of a sandbox drawing application.


Medium-Oculus.jpgMedium – continuing the theme of professional tools turning into a fun demonstration of the Oculus’ capabilities, Medium enables the user to sculpt in VR – like a vase maker but better.


RoboRecall.jpgRobo Recall – repair robots. recall them. take off their arm and throw it at an enemy robot? All this and more in one title that strangely (or not) recalls Raw Data on the HTC Vive.


It’s looking like this is turning into another version of the grand platform wars of the early 2000’s, where the Playstation and the Xbox consoles waged war using exclusive titles and unique experiences only available on their own platforms. This is in no way a bad development; more competition will ultimately benefit the consumer after all. That being said, the HTC Vive seems to have offered somewhat less in their original release bundle. Your move, HTC.

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