Ossic Dedicated VR Headset on Kickstarter

It was inevitable. Any new, blockbuster product will have a horde of accessories following close behind – in the case of some handsets, accessories like casings even come out before the actual device. Now Ossic is taking on the challenging aspect of 360 degree, positional audio in the virtual space, and doing it in the right way, in my opinion.

ossic2Ossic’s headset is a tracked pair of headphones (presumably through the HTC Vive’s base stations or the Oculus Rift’s sensor) and has a multidriver array that features 8 individual drivers. It’s not hard to predict that the positional tracking will directly translate to how the sound is produced, and through which drivers. In other words, it will be like the audio version of video representation that’s also tracked.

ossic-1Ossic’s Kickstarter campaign has already gathered nearly $3 million through more than 10000 backers. Priced at $219 as an early bird special (was available for even earlier adopters.


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