Insta360 Air for Android Aptly Named

Available on IndieGogo (for now), the Insta360 Air is designed to work with your Android phone, instantly turning it into a 360degree camera, with only an additional 26 grams added to your handset.

Insta360 Air2.jpg
One of the ways the Insta360 Air can be used.

The same company offered the Insta360 Nano designed for iPhone, and has had a great reaction from customers. With the introduction of this model for Android devices, it looks like 360 degree media is just about ready to go into the mainstream.

Insta360 Air3.jpg

The concept and production has moved very quickly, with the original proposal coming out September and with the requested $20000 funding requested already exceeded with a month to go. A single Air is priced at $99, with various bundles available.

Looking at the specs, there’s a lot to get excited about – stabilized capture, 3K still and 2K video capture at 30 fps, real-time auto-stitching, and instant sharing. Backers are set to receive their units by February of 2017, although samples are supposed to be ready by 30th of December of this year.

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