Home: A VR Spacewalk by BBC

BBC presented Home: A VR Spacewalk back in June, and it’s worth sharing again. They cooperated with VR content specialists Rewind to present a fully-rendered, realtime spacewalk simulation.

The presentation premiered at the Sheffield Doc Festival last June 10 and won the Alternate Realities VR Award and an audience Award. It’s created using the Unreal Engine 4 and is exclusively designed for the HTC Vive.


Quoting Rewind through their website: “The immersive nature of ‘Home: A VR Spacewalk’ means that users will really get to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut floating 250 miles above earth with stunning and vast views of the spaceship, the space station and the universe. Aspiring Tim Peake’s will even be able to monitor their heart rate as they are plunged into an emergency scenario as they jet-pack home to the International Space Station.”

It’s set to be released through Steam VR, but with no specific date announced yet.

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