Pearl Harbor Remembered in VR

Source: Viveport

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred on December 7, 1941 and marked the tipping point for the United States and her entrance into WWII. Time, Life, HTC, AMD, and VR production house Deluxe VR came together to create the VR experience “Remembering Pearl Harbor”, available in HTC’s VR app store, Viveport.

fdr-infamyIn this VR experience, the VR user sees the events, locations, and interactions through the eyes of the second oldest living American veteran to have witnessed the events that in American president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s words would be  “a date that would live in infamy”. The veteran, Lt. James Downing, was a Gunner’s mate 1st class and Postmaster on the battleship USS West Virginia, a ship that was struck by 9 torpedoes on that fateful morning.

USS Arizona


Dramatization of Japanese air units on an attack run

The experience will also show the viewer key moments and events before and after the attack, doing so in a way that shows immense respect for the accuracy and the importance of keeping a record of this historical date. Lt. Downing narrates his experience , giving more substance to the experience from a person who was actually there and experienced the heartbreak of war, the fear, the anger, and also, the pride he felt as he saw American servicemen facing overwhelming odds.

Life Magazine that covered the event
The USS Arizona Memorial

If you own a Vive, or intend to get one, get this experience. It’s an excellent application of VR technology; a way to keep the experience alive in more ways than one. It’s history that can be re-lived, and done in a way that makes it difficult to forget.

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