“Medium” Trailer for Oculus Released

The 3D sculpting application “Medium” now has a trailer, and it’s revealing a lot of potential for both the application itself and the Oculus Platform.


The trailer is a revelation; it shows the many ways you can create. The over-all nature of your “canvas” frees you as the artist from the constraints of 2D, and does so in a way that doesn’t seem complicated nor something you need to get used to. Medium is intuitive enough for a beginner to pick up and create something in a few minutes, yet this application actually started as a professional tool for use by Oculus artists.

Oculus Medium2.jpg

The trailer also reveals the capability to share, presumably through Facebook, who is the 800 pound partner of Oculus. It also shows the ability to 3D print your creations. While it costs a somewhat hefty $30, the sheer variety of uses that can be imagined, even just seen through this trailer seems to make this well worth it.


Get your copy through the Oculus store here. Do note however, that this application should come free with a new purchase of the Oculus Touch controllers.

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