“Warehouse Scale” VR On the Way

Source: The Australian

The typical home VR setup might be able to take advantage of a space measuring up to a maximum of 12.5 square meters, or roughly 3.5 meters per side of a perfect square, if you’re setting up in a square room. This is based on HTC’s recommendation of placing the base stations no farther away that 5 meters from each other. While plenty big, this isn’t the most expansive application of “room-scale” technology.

zero-latencyZero Latency, a firm based in Melbourne, Australia, has been in the business of developing large-scale VR applications for nearly 3 years, in what they call “warehouse scale VR”. This is exactly what it sounds like, and according to user comments from the Odaiba, Japan and Orlando, Florida installations established by Zero Latency, they are crazy fun.


Players putting on Dell backpack laptops

Zero Latency has received millions of dollars in funding to further develop warehouse scale VR, although even in its current iteration, Zero Latency has already met with success while using a self-developed wireless communication protocol for communication between Alienware Alpha R2 Backpack PCs  worn by players. Up to 6 players can roam a large space playing a Zombie shooter game, but with a huge difference: players can roam anywhere they want in their quest to finish off the zombies.

zero-latency-2This seems to be the future for collaborative group activity involving shooting guns and having fun; Zero Latency is also developing other applications like army training and real estate, wherein the buyers can experience an actual “walk through” of a property.

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