AxonVR: VR for Touch

Source: roadtovr

AxonVR has secured one of the biggest ever seed investments for haptic VR development. The company is working towards a full-body haptic suit that not only simulates full-body movement, but also handles the finer interaction of touch.

In the following video, take note of the range of feedback that AxonVR’s HaptX technology has.

“Feeling VR” isn’t just a marketing by-line anymore. According to AxonVR, the technology works by employing “..a thin, flexible haptic textile made up of an array of microfluidic actuators. By varying pressure and temperature at each actuator, HaptX creates sensations ranging from the brush of a butterfly’s wings to the impact of a punch. From the warmth of a cup of coffee to the chill of a snowball..”


AxonVR’s efforts also extend to the HaptX skeleton that aims to deliver force feedback, but nothing like the technology in controllers we’ve become used to over the years. The skeleton is both a locomotion device and a way to apply haptic pressure to the whole body.

No actual date of release has been mentioned by AxonVR, but these products might be seen in 2017. Other efforts towards a working “haptic” suit include the Teslasuit, reported here.

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