Built-In Graphics Powered VR Headsets in 2017

Microsoft announced at their recently concluded Windows Hardware Engineering Community event in Shenzhen that mixed reality headsets capable of running on integrated graphics will be released in 2017.

windows 10 VR.jpg
Pic source: SlashGear

Six hardware manufacturers are set to release individual versions of VR/AR headsets capable of running natively in Windows’ holographic environment – Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Chinese newcomer 3Glasses. According to Microsoft, prices for these headsets will start at $299, a far cry from the premium prices of current PC-based VR headsets.

Windows10 VR headsets.jpg
My guess from left to right: Microsoft Hololens, Acer, Lenovo, Asus.

Another advantage of these headsets is the low set of requirements to run them, with the aformentioned integrated graphics and even less hardware setup due to the built-in sensors built-in as opposed to the external sensors of the Vive and Rift headsets.

Microsoft will release their Windows 10 Creator Update soon, and will include support for these upcoming headsets. Here’s a demo released by Microsoft showing VR/AR running on an Intel NUC mini PC with integrated graphics, at 90fps:


It’s not exactly Raw Data, but if Microsoft is able to spread even basic VR to a lot more people, then this move might be exactly what VR needs to propel itself to ubiquity.

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