Exploration360: Kamchatka Volcano Eruption

I have a few hundred National Geographic magazines that I’ve pored over since I was a kid. Some of those magazines are more than 60 years old – traditional photography and excellent writing combined to give these magazines an unparalleled quality and subsequent reach for those of a curious nature. Now National Geographic has started churning out a new form of media that are even more fascinating than ever: 360 degree videos.

kamchatka-volcano-2In this particular video, their team shows one of the highest peaks in the world, taking a 360 degree view from a helicopter – while this peak is erupting. Yep, it’s a volcano, and it’s about half the size of Mt. Everest, but that doesn’t detract from its sheer size – at 15500 feet tall, we’d need more than 10 Empire State Buildings to overtop it. This is Klyuchevskoy, a very active volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.


Along with the breathtaking view of the peak and my fascination in this piece of exploration, I’m also floored with the videography and wonder what kind of hardware was used. Overall a fascinating video for the 360 aficionado.

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