Viveport Developer Award Games Bundled

HTC Viveport is featuring a “Best of Viveport” Bundle consisting of 8 titles, some familiar, some new to this author, but all of them with the “VDA” tag.


VDA is Viveport Developer Awards, a way for HTC to encourage and reward developers for creating experiences of exceptional quality. The 8 games include some familiar titles like Fantastic Contraptions and Cloudlands VR Minigolf, as well as some seemingly obscure titles, but only because of the sheer number of titles available.

Kodon is in early access program that gives the user the capability to sculpt in VR space, while ending up with an .obj or similar file that can be used for printing out in a 3d Printer.

Firebird – La Peri is a beautiful rendition of story, music, and dance art rolled into one experience.

Arcade Artist lets the user wield color to create art and “cause chaos”, according to the developer.

World of Diving is almost self-explanatory, but the VR aspect of the game is a perfect fit for the exploratory nature of the game.

Mars Odyssey lets the user explore the Red Planet, along with the landers and rovers that has explored it. A good educational experience.

Cloudlands VR Minigolf is the mini putting game you grew up with, but in much more varied locations and in virtual reality. Putting actions are accurately portrayed and translated in-game.

SoundStage is an 80s inspired soundstage fan’s wet dream. Appropriately described as a music sandbox, it gives the user the ability to connect instruments, synthesizers, and speakers and play them directly in virtual space.

Fantastic Contraption is one of the most amazingly imaginative games for VR – create anything and use your contraption to solve problems and do fascinating things. Instead of a game, think Dexter’s Lab combined with MacGyver, and shown through a palette of primary colors.

HTC is quoting $60 for all 8 titles, which comes out to $7.5 per title. It might be a good idea to check prices in Steam though, since you’ll save money if you choose a few titles only. For example, “Firebird” is currently P160, or around just over $3, SoundStage is P256 ($5). Fantastic Contraptions is twice as expensive on its own though (P683 = $14), so compare before you commit. The bundle is available only until December 28, 2016.


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