Exploration360: Meeting a Great Hammerhead Shark

Grab your Google Cardboards, Gear VR, Vives, Rifts, or whatever, and share Nat Geo’s experience in Bimini, the Bahamas. If you missed the title of this article, you might think this would be an idyllic stroll through white-sand beaches, but that’s pretty far off the mark. The waters around the Bahamas are home to not just beach goers but to the Great Hammerhead shark.

hammerhead1.jpgThe experience of watching a huge predator approaching you in virtual reality is equal parts fascinating and frightening. Depending on the watcher’s ability to suspend belief in the somewhat lower resolution rendering in this youtube video, this experience can bring you to places where you’d never have imagined you’d be able to go to, and a 360 degree VR experience underwater is perfect for this sort of encounter. I recommend sitting in an office chair so you can spin around.

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