360 Degree.. Hog Rider?

I hope you’re a fan of the Supercell games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, as this video lets you experience what a defense-crushing, mohawk-wearing, hammer-wielding hog rider in red-spandex briefs might feel while on his way to attack another village.

VR is popping up in all sorts of places,  and this video is a great introduction to VR media considering the huge number of players of this popular game.

You can experience these types of video through a normal brrowser like Chrome or Firefox, using your mouse to click-hold and drag the scene towards any direction, but for the full experience, the best way to enjoy this is to use a viewer such as a Google Cardboard or perhaps one of the more robust but affordable examples available online or in stores – like this pair.

With a Cardboard viewer or similar, you can pretend you’re on a hog, in the virtual CoC world, while viewing everything in virtual reality 360. It’s a great experience, especially for CoC/Clash Royale players.

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