KTNE: Explosive Gaming Through The Holidays!

Christmas has passed, but there’s still the New Year to look forward to. To help you celebrate, we here at 360techph highly recommend trying out the game with the improbably long and descriptive name: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and it’s just as the name describes, except what will explode is probably just rapid fire talking and peals of laughter.

The experts in conference
The bomb with three modules

Shared below is the PSVR promotional ad for Keep Talking (from here on out KTNE), but this game works perfectly with regular Daydream capable phones and viewer, PC, or even the top end Vive or Rift.


KTNE is fun exactly because it can be played over so many different platforms, but VR ups the immersion factor (no surprise) because it ensures only the headset wearer will see the “bomb” that will explode – but the wearer doesn’t have the manual for defusing the bomb. That manual is in the hands of other players who must then rely on descriptions given by the wearer of the bomb and its modules.

It really forces you to keep talking!
View through a Daydream viewer

Modules are mini puzzles that must be “defused” individually; the defuser gets three “strikes” before the bomb explodes, although the bomb will explode anyway when the timer winds down. The modules are surprisingly complex once you get past the initial training bombs; it’s a great way to practice communication, and a great way to generate hoots and laughs from successful bomb defusing and for failed attempts.


The Bomb Defusal Manual can be printed out (my preferred method) or consulted through a device like a laptop or phone. Your friends then take your descriptions and look for the appropriate page and walk you through how to defuse the bomb, module by module.

KTNE was first released in October of 2015, but took to the release of VR headsets like fish to water. It’s virtual, it’s cooperative, it’s interactive, and it’s fun! Try it out even if you don’t have any VR device.

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