Athena: Lighthouse-Tracked Gun Peripheral in Development

The HTC Vive’s controllers are nice pieces of kit. There’s however still room for peripherals that give more feedback and seems more “believable” than the standard controllers. This is where Ilium VR and their gun peripheral “Athena” comes in.


The big news for this VR-focused peripheral is the fact that it’s a tracked device that utilizes the Vive’s Lighthouses, or base stations, to position itself in virtual space – this means it will be as accurate and high-fidelity as the Vive’s controllers, with the added benefit of having additional gun-only features like realistic recoil and the implementation of the virtual feeling of ejecting a magazine or loading a bullet.

Sensor pits on the peripheral. Pic credit

Like the peripherals endemic to the consoles of a few years back, this kind of peripheral is a big plus for fans of a certain genre, or even just a certain game, and Ilium VR is hard at work getting partners to sign up, with early success with the creators of The Nest (Invrse Studios) and Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games, who will support Ilium’s peripheral in their games.

The “Family Computer” game Duck Hunt and Zapper peripheral. Pic credit

For readers as old as this writer, the “light gun” required for use with the family computer game “Duck Hunt” might have come to mind with its many similarities, not least of which is both peripherals’ rather high entry point for ownership – not necessarily price-wise, but the fact that it’s really an investment for just a few games, or even a single game instead of for the whole ecosystem of games. The buyer will really have to like the game or games it’s made for, since it definitely won’t be used as much as the standard controllers.


However, if Ilium is able to get support from even more shooting game publishers, this peripheral will make more and more sense as time passes, and depending on how affordable the peripheral turns out to be, we hope the best for Ilium as one of the first peripheral makers on the scene to take advantage of native Vive base station tracking.

Featured image credit to vrfocus

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