Wireless VR Turning Into a Race: KwikVR Announced

There’s already a couple of options for wireless VR announced or soon to be available; one is the result of the Vive Accelerator program, the TPCast, and the most recent entry from IMR technologies. Cloud compute specialists Scalable Graphics has announced their own wireless transmission option KwikVR.


Scalable Graphics has experience in GPU accelerated cloud computing, and is evidently leveraging this experience into a device that should be able to turn your Vive or Rift into a wireless device with only 12ms of added latency. KwikVR does this through a proprietary video compression technique and wireless transmission through readily available ac wireless protocol (5Ghz).

Scalable Graphics isn’t exactly late to the game, but with TPCast already shipping soon, and IMR demonstrating impressive latency and good visuals, KwikVR has its work cut out for it. This is great for competition though, and will drive even more improvement in wireless VR.

The device will be in a lightweight, belt mounted form, only adding 1 pound total to your VR device. More details will be revealed at CES 2017, where Scalable Graphics will be demonstrating the KwikVR.

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