Noitom Shows Off Tracker-Powered Hi5 VR Gloves

Using HTC’s Vive Tracker, Noitom’s Hi5 gloves are able to concentrate on rendering individual finger movements in virtual space – one of the first glove accessories to do so.

As it always seem inevitable with articles about virtual reality gloves; I need to refer back to a certain science fiction movie starring Tom Cruise – the Minority Report, wherein Cruise’s character uses light-up gloves able to manipulate all sorts of data points in thin air. Noitom’s gloves seem able to give off a similar usability, limited only by how VR works in its current form.


With HTC’s Trackers taking care of hand positioning and orientation, the Hi5 is free to concentrate on the movement of each individual digit in each hand – traditionally the most difficult issue that had to be overcome by designers of glove peripherals pre-Vive Tracker. Noitom uses a series of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to accomplish this.

The company has experience in virtual reality products, primary of which is motion capture technology, and the company hopes to leverage their experience into a shipping product slated for a September 2017 releases.

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