Exploration360: Etihad Airways w/ Nicole Kidman

Advertising in virtual space is inevitable. These ads may be using a relatively new form of media, yet making use of 360 technology makes the mundane seem very novel and interesting due to the immersive nature of VR. Here’s an experience created by Etihad Airways featuring Nicole Kidman.

In my opinion Nicole Kidman is far from mundane, and the opulence to be found inside what looks like an Etihad A380 mega airliner is as interesting as it gets, letting us experience many facets of traveling with Etihad, as well as the possibilities, perhaps, once you earn all those air miles and splurge on business or first class.

Business Class
First Class

It’s the topic that’s ordinary – an airline advertising about the amenities on their airplane. It’s something you’d change the channel on (probably; if Nicole Kidman wasn’t in the credits) – if you saw it on TV, or perhaps glance at for a few seconds if it was in the newspaper. But putting it into a panoramic view changes everything.

“The Residence”

It may sound like a cliche, but it makes it seem like you’re actually there. When you look around, it seems like you’re walking between the seats and really seeing the passengers, the stewardesses, and the amenities of course, which is exactly what Etihad intends. The technical competence evident in this panoramic video is also apparent, and I’m impressed with how clean and smooth the ad is – especially coming from my own experience with the consumer level Ricoh Theta.


Advertising in all sorts of mediums is inevitable. I’m just glad one of those mediums is panoramic virtual reality, where the immersive nature accomplishes for the advertiser what advertising originally meant to accomplish  – give the consumer a convincing and believable look of the possibilities of a product, be it one that has Nicole Kidman in it or not.


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