HTC Working With Intel for Wireless VR Solution

At this point, 360techph has already reported on a trio of add-on wireless solutions designed for the HTC Vive – the soon to be shipping TPCAST, the KwikVR accessory by Scalable Graphics, and IMR’s 4K-ready Mach 2K. HTC itself is getting into the wireless act, with the help of none other than Intel.

Scalable Graphic’s KwikVR
The Mach 2K by IMR
TPCAST wireless add-on

HTC and Intel is working together to create a WiGig wireless solution for the Vive. Even considering that this is a report coming at the heels of 3 other solutions racing to bring a Vive wireless solution to market, the significance of the HTC parent company working on its own solution, and in cooperation with Intel, cannot be ignored.

WiGig by itself also adds an interesting twist to this news item – both TPCAST’s and IMR’s solutions are reported to be using the 60GHz band to enable their respective solutions as well, although KwikVR uses the garden-variety ac wireless protocol. It makes sense for HTC to make use of the same, taking advantage of WiGig’s low latency and high speeds and directly influencing the amount of compression needed to maintain that speed – low enough to avoid graphical artefacts and a lowering of video quality.

Intel Wireless.jpg
Intel has a lot of experience in wireless fidelity.

While it’s still early days for this announcement, we can safely assume that with Intel’s expertise in wireless solutions and HTC’s input in the project, there will be a marked improvement in performance for this product. It is still unknown whether this is an add-on accessory or a totally new version of the HTC Vive headset, but whichever it turns out to be, we can be sure that wireless virtual reality is well and truly on its way into the (relatively expensive) mainstream.

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