Mixed Reality Green Screen Recording Done Right!

Ignite VR, the “first VR Arcade in Singapore”, also boasts of a great green-screen setup which they claim is only done using “amateur” equipment. I wouldn’t have been able to tell if they haven’t said anything!

Example of green-screen tech used in The Matrix.

The video shared below is a compilation of footage of various virtual reality applications with an overlay of the user moving in real life – resulting in a convincing mixed reality video of the user transported into the games themselves – which is what mixed reality aims for, after all.


This compilation is a definite improvement from the split screen videos we usually see being used to demonstrate a new VR application. It makes me want to try it out too! This is a great move for a VR arcade pioneer, and I can see this being emulated by other entrepreneurs, hopefully by some local business-minded individuals so I can try it out without having to go to Singapore. Here’s a bonus mixed reality video of one of my favorite VR games – Space Pirate Trainer :


Featured image credit: VR-zone.

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