TrinityVR’s DiamondFX Shows Off Vive Tracker

In another example of the versatility of the newly introduced HTC Vive Tracker, Trinity VR has adapted their data-based batting and pitching simulation program DiamondFX to use the Tracker, creating an accurate and revolutionary way to utilize the thousands of hours worth of data in their possession.

Image credit: Note the attached Tracker at the base of the bat.
HTC’s Vive Tracker

Trinity VR is a company that develops input solutions, content and innovative applications for the emerging virtual reality market. Roadtovr‘s Paul James asked them how it’s done, and according to Trinity VR:

“Utilizing a data-backed virtual reality foundation, we are creating a scouting and player development platform for professional baseball teams to standardize batting data across batters, leagues and countries.”

DiamondFX is designed for use by professional baseball players, so it’s an easy assumption to make that it can also be used for a hardcore VR baseball game where a regular jane or joe can face any of the current greats in the game – in fact Trinity VR talks about how DiamondFX can be used to not only scout new players and develop existing ones, but also to involve the baseball fan base even more with the game. That probably means both gamers and baseball fans.


Our take away from this news bit is the evident accuracy and ease of implementation of the Vive Tracker into various usage scenarios – the Tracker after all has barely been out for a week in retail. This bodes well for expanding the HTC Vive’s application, be it games or for more serious applications.

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