Cirque du Soleil – in VR!

Thanks to Felix and Paul Studios, creators of the VR experience “White House with the Obamas”, we can now experience this zany group of performers without having to book a flight to Las Vegas.

The Cirque du Soleil, famous for their amazing, jaw dropping performances involving acrobatics and stunts, but underpinned by thought provoking ideas and themes, can now be accessed by Samsung Gear VR owners for free through the Oculus Store.


This is a great application of VR technology due to how the experience changes from being a performance meant to impress thousand, to one that is performed just for you – in fact the theme of this performance is based on the “curios” to be found in a box – the title is “Inside the Box of Kurios” – with you, the viewer, being one of those curiosities being examined.

Kurios - by Andre Lauzon.jpg
Image Credit Andre Lauzon

I imagine the Cirque du Soleil performers, and even the producers of this VR experience, has reflected on the curious relevance of this show’s title – how VR is a curious, new technology that’s waiting to be opened up and utilized. There are curiosities galore inside Cirque du Soleil’s production, but presenting the experience to the user is its own kind of curiosity – one that’s about to burst out as the newest and most interesting entertainment medium ever.


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