More SteamVR Compatible Headsets in the Works

It’s been confirmed by none other than Valve’s Joe Ludwig, through the Gabe Newell AMA on Reddit, that there were more than 500 companies that signed up to use the SteamVR system of lighthouse-tracked systems for virtual reality setups, and out of that 500, a “bunch”of companies are creating their own headsets for eventual release, and these will be announced “when they’re ready.”

The full transcript of Joe’s reply to the question “Did you expect more hardware manufacturers to consider interest in releasing their own Lighthouse/Steam VR HMD instead of just HTC?” is as follows:

500 companies have signed up to use Lighthouse and some of them are making HMDs. A few of them have talked about that, but a bunch more will announce when they’re ready.

As far as we know, everything is in place for any store to support the Vive. As part of your initial setup you would still install Steam to get the drivers, but Steam doesn’t need to be running for the Vive to work.”

Valve is obviously very willing to pull more products into their ecosystem – which will create competition among the headset manufacturers, but will ultimately be a good thing for the VR landscape as a whole. The previously released Vive Tracker is another example of Valve growing the VR ecosystem.

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