Super Bowl LI Through A VR Perspective

The NFL’s “NFL Next” campaign started more than a year ago, with the release of a few videos detailing the possibilities of having a 360 degree view of the field while in-game – both for the fans and the players and coaches. Now this upcoming Super Bowl LI (51) will see an exciting implementation of VR into the game.

Fox Broadcasting cooperated with Intel to show off a technology that brings the viewer down from the stands to the green grass (or Astroturf) of the playing field. The video below shows an example of a view of the field from the quarterback’s perspective. You can almost see the thought process of the QB while deciding where to send the ball to score the touchdown. The NFL calls it “Be the Player”.


There will be as many as 20 “Be the Player” moments in a game, each most probably showing at a critical junction of the game or an especially fast snap and pass to a running back, or even a controversial play that wasn’t captured by the “traditional” cameras at the sidelines.

This will be the first time this technology’s been used at the Super Bowl, but the NFL has been releasing many a 360 degree video over the past year, covering stuff like various practice sessions, behind-the-scenes looks, and views from the sidelines. Check them out at their official youtube page.

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