rEvolve Strap Promises Comfort; Convenience

The accessories keep on coming, with the latest being the “rEvolve” Vive Headset Strap created by SynergyWiz. It addresses two of the Vive’s shortcomings in one snap-on component, and has already reached its crowdfunding target.


The rEvolve attaches to the Vive’s standard strap mount points (after removing the original straps) and removes pressure from the front of the face around the nose, cheek, and eye area, and moves the main contact point to the forehead while also lessening overall pressure.

The seemingly 3D-Printed prototype
The pressure points are shown
Flip-up feature is a logical idea

An additional feature is the ability to flip up the headset without having to remove the whole setup –  a great feature strangely missing from the three major VR headset products – strange because using VR headsets still necessitates easy access to the real world – to  avoid a pet, or find your controllers, or even just to change the game you’re playing. The rEvolve makes it easy to do this while keeping the headset balanced comfortably on your forehead.

rEvolve Kickstarter.jpg

SynergyWiz’s goal of $5000 has been surpassed, with 18 days to go, and the company is targeting an April launch. If you’re a Vive owner and interested in making the VR experience a more comfortable one, you can avail of the rEvolve for $85 as one of its backers here.

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