Zotac’s VR-Focused Mini PC Heavy in Features & Price

Your PC based VR rig doesn’t have to be huge. Zotac has released and certified their Zbox Magnus EN1070K mini PC for VR use, and the whole unit is smaller across than an HTC Vive. You’ll be saving on space, but not so much on price.

magnus-zotac-mini-pcThe EN1070k, as might be noticed from its name, is powered by a GTX 1070 videocard – whether a desktop or a mobile version Zotac’s site doesn’t say, although it’s not so important a difference given the performance of even the mobile version. Other notable components include the Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 processor, 32GB of RAM, an M.2 PCI-E based slot, and all the slots needed to connect your VR headset. And of course, all this is contained in a case with the following dimensions:

zotac-mini-pczotac-mini-pc2Price even for the older, Skylake version is a wince-inducing $1500, so only get this if space is at a premium; the components and performance are top-notch, but you might be better served by something like CyberPower‘s introductory VR bundle.

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